viernes, 11 de noviembre de 2011


As of this posting, it turns out we are not moving. Overall, I'm grateful that I get to stay in the neighborhood, not have to bother about packing up everything and then turn around and unpack it. However, a teeny little bit of me is lamenting not living in that beautiful house across the street from the playground. But so it goes.

Even though I was not looking forward to the packing aspect of moving, I was looking forward to seriously cleaning out the house and throwing out crap that we don't need to drag with us. So on Sunday at church, when they mentioned that Caritas is having a big clothing drive this week, I decided that yes, this IS the week. We've got the clothes, I now know of somewhere willing to take boxes and boxes of used clothes, let's get this show on the road!

Yesterday I went through the kids' closet and storage hamper. (OK, since The Boy has yet to grow into most of his clothes, I was going through Clara's storage hamper.) As neared the bottom, gleaning my way to the sweet little 3mo-sized little girl mamelucos and dresses, I was aghast to see THIS on my favorite pair of Baby Clara's pajamas:

UGH! Fortunately it was very, very dead. But, ugh!

I had just been congratulating myself that, despite living in the desert, I have never seen a scorpion here, let alone had to kill one. Now, I don't know what this sucker was and, given the state of its petrification, it may have lost a few body parts (ie, I never saw a stinger), but those front claws do lead me to believe that it was a scorpion.


And it was in the hamper of baby clothes!


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Lisa n Javi dijo...

Holy Crap!!!! That is one nasty looking scorpion