miércoles, 26 de mayo de 2010

Big Day

Mario's cousin, Paty just moved to Saltillo and will be living with us for a few weeks while she finds her own place. Yesterday, being her first day at work, I was the one to help her get there (as Mario has no idea where any of the buses here go . . . that and the fact that he leaves the house at 6am daily).

Paty manages the Globo bakery's newest locale in Saltillo, a cute little kiosk in the mall. On our way, we stopped at the established Globo store, picked up some supplies, and headed to the mall to scope out her new situation and meet one of her coworkers. While we waited for her sidekick, we dusted off the shelves, and stashed trays, powdered creamers, and bags anywhere they would fit. Clara got a kick out of sitting on the counters and playing with an easily accessible padlock, and then she really enjoyed the easy-open drawers once we sat her on the floor.

As two o'clock rolled around, Clara started to get antsy and seriously in need of a nap. I strapped her into her baby carrier for a brisk stroll around the mall, which calmed her down. Before she could nod off, we cruised back into Liverpool (a department store), so the shock of the air conditioning wouldn't wake her up, if she were to fall asleep outside. After perusing the rest of the mall, we checked in on Paty. Her coworker had arrived (was delayed due to a visit to social security . . . we understood), so we left her to keep cleaning and headed to the bank with a sleeping Clara.

Banking completed, we realized that it was going on 3:30 and we were getting hungry. Paty finished up with her partner at the isla (isn't that a much nicer word than "kiosk"?), and we collapsed in the food court with platefuls of sushi (and a cup of cheesy corn for Clara). Before going home, we had one last stop at the big Globo, and then, loaded up with bread (I love living with Paty), we headed home.

However, those Ramos Arizpe buses would not stop for us. Four buses flew past us at two different bus stops. At the first stop, they'd barrel past us and stop half a block away. Nice. Then we waited at that stop a half a block away, and they stopped where we had been standing. Seriously? I have NEVER been able to get on one of those buses going back into town. What does it take? I hope Paty has better luck today, or she may be forced to use a taxi. However, since we were catching the bus at the big Globo store, we finally just took a Route 5. They always stop. Thank you, Route 5.

We left the house at 11am and got back a 6:10. I haven't had such a long day since maybe October 2008. Clara slows me down a bit. Thank goodness. But she was a trooper.

Right now she's taking a 2+ hour nap, to make up for the 20 minute nap from yesterday.


And if anyone is heading out to Galerias Saltillo, say hi to Paty in the Globo kiosk!

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Amanda dijo...

Hats off to you on the bus riding, at our new place I think its going to be something I'm going to have to figure out if I want to go anywhere in the day. I think my girls will like it so I'm not to worried but my hubby is. I don't know why because its such a small town. How long did you say you have been in Mexico, sounds like you do a great job of getting around.

Jill dijo...

Good luck trying the bus with two small children (and while pregnant!). Yikes. With that scenario, I'm nervous for you too. But it's totally do-able.

I've been in Mexico for roughly 5 years (off and on since 1999, but permanently since the end of 2007).