miércoles, 26 de mayo de 2010

Home Remedies

My stomach got attacked with something the last couple of days, and it blew up into a serious problem last night. After I had downed the last and only Lomotil in the house (the best medicine ever for diarrhea), Paty and I scooted out to the OXXO to get some more.

But the OXXO was out of Lomotil. Time to panic!

Fortunately, Paty had two home remedies up her sleeve. First, she suggested drinking half a cup of lime juice with a teaspoon of sugar. I was willing, although I lamented what that might do to my tooth enamel. Then she suggested half a cup of Coke with the juice of half a lime. Still a dentist's nightmare, but it sounded a lot more palatable.

I tried the Coke and lime concoction twice and have had no further problems (knock on wood). It just may work.

Or, it may have been helped by that one Lomotil that I was able to get down.

Does anyone else have any other successful home remedies for this or other ailments? Knowing that this may have worked, I'm curious to know what else may be equally simple and equally successful.

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Amanda dijo...

My Tia makes a tea that will stop you up in a heart beat. But IM sorry to say I dont know what the plant is and she wont even trust me enough to let me plant some myself. She says the tea has to be made just right or it will hurt you. I don't know how or if she means it can be poisonous. Shes kinda like that with everything though, when I first moved here I couldn't even get her to explain to me how to make Mexican rice. lol Everything is a big secret with her. So if I ever win my way in enough to find out Ill be sure to spill it to all the gringas. (and mail seeds to everyone. lol)

But also this last time I had loose stools for over 2 weeks, and couldn't take any Imodium due to being prego a dr. ordered lactobicillis pills. I thought she was nutz because technically all this should do is help you absorb lactose. But I took it every eight hours with meals for like 2 or 3 days ( a whole box) And I'm all better now.

Good luck hope its really gone.

Leah Flinn dijo...

I have problems with urinary tract infections. Last year I met a curandera friend of a neighbor who told me an exact way to make distilled magnesium water and drink it with lime juice twice a day. I had to do this for a month. I have not had a UTI since.

I wrote more details here: http://inveracruz.blogspot.com/2009/09/la-curandera-encounter.html

Megan dijo...

I remember Janice's home remedy for parasites--a shot of garlic & milk followed by raw sunflower seeds. The first dose went okay, I diced the garlic, added milk, then shot it down. But then she told me to mix the milk and garlic in the blender, and the garlic was so potent I almost vomited and had to sit with my head between my legs for quite a while. I am sure that the remedy does kill parasites (it almost killed me), but I gave up at that point.

Jill dijo...

Megan--you drank the Janice drink?!? Wow--you're hardcore. I think I'll stick with Amibotriz, thanks.

Amanda & Leah--thanks for the tips. I'll file those away for when necessary.