viernes, 7 de mayo de 2010

She's So Creepy!

When we were in Indiana last week, my parents really, really wanted to be able to proclaim that Clara can finally crawl. So they did. Except, when she's not able to get her belly off the floor, isn't that still considered creeping? So yes, I have a really creepy kid.

Finally, at the age of 15 months, she can sit herself up on her own, go forward and backwards and scoot around to any direction. She can get where she wants to go. Just very slowly.

The other day I had a mountain of dishes to do, and Clara was furious that I would do something besides sit and gaze at her while she plays. While I washed, she let out bloodcurdling shrieks, causing anyone passing in front of our house to glance over and wonder what that gringa was doing with that sweet, little baby. After awhile, it dawned on her that if I would not go to her, she could go to me. As the tears and snot flowed, she painstakingly made her way from just beyond the kitchen door to my feet at the kitchen sink (a marathon of maybe 6 feet). Having put that much effort to get my attention, and having nearly filled the drying rack, I picked her up. Suddenly, all was right in the world again.

Therefore, despite the inability to "toddle", she's clearly turning into a toddler. Oh, joy. Now, I do think toddlerhood is one of the best ages ever. But I've never had to live with one before. We'll see how it goes, but overall, I am looking forward to it.

Photos are of Clara creeping yesterday, playing with her friend Katya yesterday, and checking out the frog fountain in the Alameda this morning (it was turned on for the first time since I've lived here! I was so excited--Clara was merely bemused).

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